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Readers have to make quick decisions about whether or not they can trust an author. A well-designed, professional-quality cover is an instant indication that you've put time, effort and resources into making the best product possible.


What You Can Expect From Our Book Cover Design Service

In the age of digital publishing, book covers have two jobs. The first is to grab a potential reader’s attention, communicating enough about a book to invite curiosity and kick-start the browsing-to-buying process. The second job a book cover does is to draw a line between professionals and amateurs.


Our book cover design service guarantees a cover that puts your firmly in the ‘professional’ category, and will earn the reader’s interest at a glance. Whether you need an e-book cover, a paperback cover or both, our cover design service provides:

    • Expertly crafted covers

      Our designers are more than just ‘good with Photoshop’, they’re highly trained professionals with experience in creating covers that sell.

    • Customer-literate design

      Our covers use visual shorthand to communicate genre, style and emotional experience, helping the right readers zero in on your work.

    • 2 Drafts in 14 days

      You will receive 2 different cover design options to choose from within 14 days of placing your order.

    • Publisher-friendly files

      All our covers are ready for use with publishing services like Kindle Direct Publishing, IngramSpark, or your preferred printer.

    • Absolute quality

      We don’t offer ‘basic’ or ‘premium’ options because our designers always work to the highest possible standard.

    • Unlimited revisions

      All designs include unlimited rounds of revisions, so you know the end result is going to be right.

    I came to Standout Books in hopes that I’d come away with a cover that makes people say, “What’s THAT book about?” Kind of a tall order, if you think about it. I was looking for iconic, professional, elegant, oh, and it has to give some idea of what the story is about.


    After working with Alex and co., including me being, uh, particular (to say the least), about the ears of the Lepus (a creature mutated and evolved from the hare), they nailed it. I’m beyond thrilled. 

    Mark Blaise Fallon​, author of The Emperors of Bedlam


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    Step 4

    Proofing and Delivery

    You review a minimum of two design drafts, which we will adapt based on your preferences. Once you are happy we'll send you your final files.


    Book Cover Design Prices

    Ebook Cover Design


    • Minimum of two ebook cover drafts

    • Unlimited changes*

    • 3D rendering of your cover

    • High resolution JPEG ready to upload 

    • Royalty-free stock images from

    Print & Ebook Cover Design


    • Minimum of two paperback cover drafts

    • Unlimited changes*​

    • 3D rendering of your cover

    • High resolution JPEG ready to upload 

    • Royalty-free stock images from

    • Barcode generation for your ISBN

    • Print-ready PDF for one printing service of your choice

    I was thrilled to find that Standout Books are not only experts at book covers but that their service adheres to the same high standards. I found the process smooth, consistent, and effortless. I initially provided my thoughts for the cover, Standout Books gave me concepts to choose from, and then it was simply a case of finessing the concept. At every step of the process I felt confident that the artwork was being adapted exactly as I had asked for, plus their efficiency and speed was greatly appreciated. Love the final cover, loved the process, highly recommend.

    Martin Skate, author of Start Right Here and The Spike Collection



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