We're a dynamic, family-run company that prides itself in providing exceptional services to ambitious authors and publishing companies worldwide. We can help you edit and publish your book or build an amazing author website.

Our Values

These are the fabric of our culture and provide the framework for all of our decisions.

You First

In a world full of systems, outsourced services, and automated responses, we aim to make your self-publishing journey more about your needs and less about conveyor-belt publishing.

Be Useful

We work hard to deliver as much value as possible to you. Whether we’re helping you with a part of the publishing process or providing educational content on our blog, we always strive to be useful.

Be Passionate

We love what we do, and the people we’re lucky enough to work with. Our work is what gets us up in the morning.

Meet our Team

Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s largest publishers.

Bronwyn Hemus


It's Bronwyn's mission to make sure every single book we work on looks as good as and reads as well as (or even better than) any traditionally published bestseller.

Alex Hemus


Self-publishing is a bit of a maze. Luckily, Alex has the map, so follow him and he'll guide you through safely.

Robert Wood

Editor & Blog Manager

Rob manages our award-winning blog. He has yet to encounter a bookshop he can walk past, a habit which has become deadly now that you can buy the newest releases digitally at 1am.

Rebecca Langley


It is Rebecca's delight and privilege to work as an editor. She's worked across multiple genres and specializes in maintaining author voice and style, so that your story is YOUR story – polished.  

Fred Johnson

Editor & Book Blurb Writer

Fred is an editor, blurb writer, and all-round books guy. He helps our authors take their manuscripts and cover copy from good to perfect and, in his spare time, can be found lurking in libraries. 

Erin Servais


Erin will use her hands-on, collaborative editing and clear-communication approach to work with you as partners. And her decade of experience will make sure things are done right and you get the book of your dreams. 

Kate Lyons


Kate loves helping authors bring the best possible versions of their stories to life and is thrilled to have seen many of the books she has worked on reach publication.

Euan Monaghan

Book Designer

Euan believes a well-designed book should clearly communicate the intent of the author and serve the needs of the reader without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. 

Rita Danis

Website Designer

Every writer, and every book, is different and Rita is always looking forward to the challenge of helping the essence of the author's stories shine through the design of their website.

Our Story

Self-Publishing Made Personal

A lot of people ask us why we bothered to start Standout Books.


It’s a good question.


After all, there are plenty of companies out there for self-publishing authors. But the problem was that no one seemed to really (really) put the author first. Sure, there's a lot about sales figures, big-ticket authors, and even some fancy advertising, but nothing about helping normal people navigate the murky waters of self-publishing.


Self-publishing a book is thrilling, and satisfying, and rewarding, and maybe even life-changing. But sometimes all the things that need to be considered and the decisions that need to be made can be overwhelming.


That’s why we started Standout Books.


Standout Books started as a simple two-man blog in 2013. With $720 in our pocket and a deep desire to help authors reach their goals in a meaningful and enriching way, we started writing.


And we haven’t stopped since.


Today, Standout Books brings you original, relevant content every week, and we provide exceptional products and services.


The majority of our clients are repeat or word-of-mouth, and there’s a reason for that. Our mission is simple: We’ll do whatever it takes to help you write and publish a book you can be proud of. You’ll also learn more about your craft, and you’ll understand all the facets of self-publishing so you can confidently do it on your own (if you choose to).


Whether you’re ready to publish your book, or if you’re fed up with conveyor-belt publishing, get in touch today.


I adore Standout Books. It is a great high-information, low-advertising site that focuses on fiction writing, though not exclusively. Of all the writing-related newsletters I get, theirs has consistently been the most valuable to me.


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Without doubt or a seconds delay I would highly recommend Standout Books.
Covers all areas of writing, editing and publishing. Few more passionate or knowledgeable than these folks. Indispensable.


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I really like Standout Books. Lots of great tips and ideas, usually with some great examples. One of their tips in particular (about trapping your characters) completely transformed my book series for the better!


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Help us be the best author services company on the planet

Here’s why Standout Books is a great place to work

Work that matters
Every day we hear from authors who have successfully published their books and built their readership thanks to the services we provide.


Fantastic people
Our team has accomplished a lot, both in work and in life. You’ll join coworkers who inspire you and will bring out the best in you.


Flexible work schedule
We aren’t into burnout and crazy pressure. We believe in work/life balance and measure our team on the work done, not the time you spend doing it.


Competitive payment terms
We know you love what you do, but you also need to eat and live, so we’ve got you covered.


Work remotely
We don’t have a central office, and our entire team is distributed across the globe. You can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Current Openings

Line Editor (Fiction)

We're looking for an editor who can perform the best line and structural edits ever. If you’ve got at least seven years of relevant editing experience and you’re passionate about helping authors, then get in touch.

Copyeditor (Fiction)

We're looking for an editor who can perform the best copy edits ever. If you’ve got at least seven years of relevant editing experience and an obsession with attention to detail, then get in touch.

Cover Designer

We're looking for a designer who can design the best book covers in the world. If you have got experience designing bestseller quality covers then get in touch and show us what you've worked on.


Professional Author Services

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