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Robert Wood [...] guided me through the entire editing process. His suggested changes were brilliant and made my book so much better to read.

Jay Zano

Author of Z Towers

    About Rob

    Rob is an editor, blog manager, and writer with Standout Books who got into editing to help authors shape and share the stories they want to tell. He believes that readers respond to authentic writing and that great editing treats an author’s voice and intent as a guiding light.


    Rob has worked with authors in a variety of genres, from Jay Zano’s horror comedy Z Towers to Alberto Bieri and Anthony Russo’s fantasy saga The Chronicles of Calibran, as well as non-fiction projects such as Sam Olsen’s travel memoir Seeking East and Conrad Aquino and Bryson Miller’s Life Should Be Simple and Easy. Whether editing a sci-fi epic, a short fiction collection, or projects that are a little harder to define, Rob focuses on helping authors achieve their personal vision with studied advice on the ever-shifting demands of genre, audience, and the literary marketplace.


    Among Rob’s favorite books are Richard Stark’s Parker series, Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, Jasper Fforde’s Shades of Grey, Alan Partridge’s Nomad, and Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens. When not editing, he corrects grammar and punctuation on an amateur basis and adds to a wall of books which is fated to one day collapse – either directly on top of him or into a singularity that takes the rest of the house with it.


    Rob has a master’s degree in English Literary Theory, a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and years of experience in finding the best form of your story.

    Client Feedback

    Here’s what some of our clients had to say about working with Rob:

    Writing has always been a passion and dream of mine. I began writing regularly about 6 months ago, however I knew I needed guidance. I've been working with Robert Wood for about 6 weeks, and I am learning so much. His notes and edits help me to get unstuck. Each week I learn more. I'm so grateful for the insight and I highly recommend Standout Books.

    I had an amazing story consultation with Robert Wood. He spent time before our Skype meeting pouring over my setting notes and story ideas, and we hashed out a robust plot skeleton for a whole trilogy. I made more progress in an hour and a half with Robert than I did in the past few years alone. I highly recommend these guys!

    Chris Embry

    Author of The Realmstrider

    I used Standout Books for my developmental edit for my book. I still couldn't fathom how priceless that edit went. So, it was just obvious to continue with them. I worked with Robert Wood on that previous edit and it was wonderful to continue to work with him on the editing package. After 3 rounds of edit, my book has evolved into something even I couldn't have imagined. It was the perfect book. I am hoping to publish it soon. Look out for it so you can see their work. The title is Life Should Be Simple and Easy: If You're Doing It Hard, You're Doing It Wrong.

    Conrad Aquino

    I am a first time author and am in the process of self publishing my first book. I spoke with several editors in my search to find the perfect one. After striking out several times I came across Standout Books. I was initially hesitant but ultimately decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! I was partnered with Robert Wood who guided me through the entire editing process. His suggested changes were brilliant and made my book so much better to read. I am so thankful for Robert's help on everything. My book is so close to publishing thanks to him. and standoutbooks. I definitely recommend. Especially for first time self publishers.

    In breaking ground on a new novel, I elected the Story Consultation service in an effort to receive professional, unbiased analysis regarding my story’s foundation. I received this… and so much more. With Robert Wood’s guidance, I was able to dive deeper into character development. Additionally, Robert’s feedback enabled me to assess the marketability of the novel. I came out of this session with a clear line-of-sight on where I need to take my story. I am confident the Story Consultation will save me countless hours spinning wheels and/or moving the story in a potentially lackluster direction.

    Andrew Voelker

    Having written one novel I was eager to move on to the next and didn't want to spend a couple weeks writing a blurb and marketing copy for my book. Blurb writer Robert Wood worked diligently to understand the essence of the story and its characters, accepted feedback and new ideas, and provided great comments regarding the reasoning behind the paragraphs he'd written. Within a short time we had a polished, highly professional final draft of the blurb, ready to describe my story to a global audience. Thanks!

    J. Avalon

    Author of Oakwood Grange

    I'm a first timer with publishing my own work this year (2016). Robert Wood copy edited two of my stories and I thought he was very friendly, patient, and professional. He polished my work and made suggestions that made sense; which I appreciated and heeded 99% percent of the time. I was a little nervous about working with editors for the first time, but Standout Books as a whole has made it a good experience and I will probably be using their services again in the future and recommend them to other writers as well.

    J. J. Palik


    I approached Standout Books for a Manuscript Critique and Re-read report. Robert Wood was the editor assigned to me and he was outstanding. He analysed my work in record timing and created a detailed report that raised my manuscript to another level. [Rob] treated my manuscript with respect and worked to my schedule. Great investment, highly professional service! I couldn’t be happier! : )

    Milan Bakrania

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