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Fred! YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!! This is absolutely perfect!!!!!

MP Mace

Author of Under the Sugar Tree

    About Fred

    Fred Johnson became an editor shortly after graduating from Trinity College Dublin with an MPhil in American literature, and since that first shaky edit all those years ago (it was a book about bears), he’s amassed a portfolio of more than fifty edited novels and works of nonfiction.


    He’s found a home in Standout Books and now works to help our authors make their novels, short stories, memoirs, biographies, and technical manuals as good as they can possibly be.


    A couple of his recent projects are Charlie Maclean’s Peacehaven and Charlotte Laws’ Devil in the Basement, both of which are awaiting publication. He’s also been known to produce A-grade promotional text; if you need a blurb producing, he’s your man. 

    A committed snob, Fred enjoys literary fiction, sociological non-fiction, and both contemporary and classical poetry. His favourite fiction writers include George Saunders, Feodor Dostoyevsky, Jennifer Egan, David Foster Wallace, Don DeLillo, Franz Kafka, and Wilson Harris, and he loves the nonfiction of Naomi Klein, Jean Baudrillard, Arundhati Roy, George Packer, and James Baldwin.


    His absolute favourite poet is Larry Levis. When he’s not editing, Fred writes bad poetry, guiltily enjoys video games, and plans ambitious trips abroad. He’s yet to start planning the great British novel, but rest assured it’s coming soon. 

    Client Feedback

    While he doesn’t like to blow his own trumpet, Fred would like to nonetheless draw your attention to these quotations from happy clients:

    I chose this company based upon their website. I definitely made the right decision. Writer, Frederick Johnson at Standout Books changed my existing (not so good) blurb into an outstanding description of our book! First class work, and I will be back with more jobs. Money well spent. Thank you!



    It was an amazing experience working with Standout Books. Fred Johnson was my editor and he was brilliant. He answered all my questions with clear explanations. I found all his suggestions and comments very helpful. At some point, I felt like I was with a writing coach. I highly recommend Standout Books!



    Fred came up with a blurb for my romance novel within one day. The result was a crisp, alluring blurb that whetted the appetite.

    Nella Randone


    Fred! YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!! This is absolutely perfect!!!!!

    MP Mace

    Author of Under the Sugar Tree

    Fred Johnson [...] did an outstanding job editing my book. I was very impressed. He was extremely thorough, and he caught inconsistencies that nobody else had noticed. His suggestions really helped tighten up the writing and make the meaning clearer. The turnaround was very fast as well. Highly recommend.



    I highly recommend Standout Books. Frederick Johnson was assigned to write the blurb for Dog Inspired Lessons, my second book. Although he was open to feedback suggestions, I had none. He nailed it on the first draft. I was also impressed at the turnaround time and level of professionalism.

    Joyce Kostakis

    Author of Dog Inspired Lessons

    Articles By Fred

    Fred is a regular contributor to the Standout Books blog, here are a few of his most popular articles. You can read the rest here.


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